*B Missdee’s RL Benjamin Britten


Dam: Missdee’s TC Belladonna

DOB: 3/30/12
AGDA Genetics Listing

LA 3-3 FS 88 ( V V V) E in back and rump 1-4 FS 87 (V V V) E in head and shoulder assembly
0-5 Overall V (V V V)

S: *B Roeburn’s Legacy
7 daughters av. 87.1 (all first fresheners!)

D: Missdee’s TC Belladonna *M 2-5 FS 88 (V E V E) (1st freshening)

We brought Ben into the herd in 2012 as a way of recapturing some of our best genetics combined with some of the best of the Missdee’s herd in OR. There is impressive depth on both dam and sire’s sides of Ben’s pedigree. In the Missdee’s sales list, Gene Dershewitz describes Donna as “a beautiful broken sundgau doe. She has an excellent topline, rump and a near ideal mammary. At the only show we attended in 2009 (NWODGA in Salem, Oregon) she was GCH, BOB and BIS”. Ben’s sire, Legacy, was sold to the Tempo Aquila herd of Lauren Acton, and is the full brother to our GCH Caliente. Wide and strong boned, we plan to use Ben to add substance and milk production: Belladonna is projected as over 4000 lbs. this season! Unfortunately, we have not been able to get a decent photo of Ben as a mature buck, but we’ll try again this year!

Ben has three full sisters who were appraised in 2013, Bai, age 2-1 scored 88 (VEEV), her twin Banji scored 89 (VVEE) with E in head, shoulders, and back, and yearling sister Bellaflora appraised 87 (VEVV) with a 40 in rear udder attachment.

We have been very pleased with Ben’s kids to date. All have been exceptionally dairy, yet wide and strong boned. We look forward to seeing his first daughter in our herd, Mona Lisa, freshen in May.

Yearling photo of Ben

Yearling photo of Ben