DOB:  2/22/13
AGDA Genetics Listing

Young stock appraisal  rating: 1-5 V ( V + V) (Ec in back and rump)
0-5 V ( V Ec V)

S: ++*B KickapooValley HL Lord Wimsey FS 91

D: GCH Roeburn’s HLL Black Velvet  7*M FS 92

The final daughter of our beautiful GCH Velvet, Esme has the stature that Velvet lacked; she is beautifully long and level over the topline, and will almost certainly be a larger doe than her dam. She could use more room in the escutcheon, but we hope that with maturity and an udder, she will widen out in the rear. Given the mammary systems consistently thrown by Petey, and the highly consistent beautiful udder attachments in her doe line (Velvet was a 4th generation GCH with E mammary), it seems highly likely that Esme will freshen with a show quality mammary as well.  Shown twice as a kid, she placed 1X 3rd, and 1X 5th behind her herdmates.

Belted cou blanc
Bred to Scalleywag, due 3/4/15
Price: $400


Black Velvet, Esme’s Dam