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2016-2017 Breedings

Dam Name Sire Name Due Date Price Available Callie  Corelli  due 5/2/17 $700  1 buck sold, 1 doe retained Bathsheba  Nick  kidded 4/3/17 $600  1 doe retained Milly  Nick  kidded 3/16/17 $700  2 does retained Amalie Zydeco  kidded 3/11/17 $450  none available Malaika Bojangles kidded 4/12/17 $450  2 bucks sold Sapphy  Zydeco  kidded 3/16/17 $550 …

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If you are interested in purchasing semen you must either send us a tank which we will return with the semen, or be able to pick it up from us at the farm.   Semen from our herd sires is available only through us. ROEBURN BUCKS: Roeburn’s Sedric Bruno $20/straw SGCH Rose of Sharon FS …

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Terms of Sale

Prices quoted are for pre-ordered kids picked up at the farm by four weeks of age. We require that reserved kids be paid for in full by four weeks of age if pick up is delayed.  Prices on unreserved kids are subject to change once kids are born. Most kids will be for sale; a …

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