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*B Kara-Kahl Andreas


DOB: 2/25/2019

S: *B Kara-Kahl Avail

          SS:  Kara-Kahl Aizumi

         SD: GCH Kara-Kahl Fate Avila 9*M LA 4-3 92  (E E E E) 

D: Kara-Kahl MRR Antonia 10*M  LA 2-3 FS 89 (E V E E) (E in head, shoulder assembly, rear legs, back and rump) .        2 GCH legs

 1st place 2 yr old (of 17), Minnesota State Fair
2nd place 2 yr old, Reserve Sr. Champion Iowa State Fair 2018
3rd place 2 yr old 2018 National Show
1st place 2 yr old (of 14) District 4 Alpine, MN State Show 2018

DHI-2018  1-11  296  2484#  91# (3.7%)   71# (2.9%)    (first freshening)

        DS: Marran Rose’s Rememberance

        DD: GCH Kara-Kahl Amen A&W 9*M LA 6-1 FS 92 EEEE

Losing Antonia in a kidding of quadruplets was a heartbreaking loss to the Kara-Kahl herd, as she showed so much promise, placing 3rd in her class at the 2018 National Show, and already having two GCH legs as a two year old first freshener.  Andreas is a very dairy young buck, showing excellent length of body and correct leg set.  Below is a photo of his dam at the 2018 National show.

Andreas  at 6 months