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Pleasant-Grove HL Limone

ADGA Genetics listing

DOB: 1/26/20


S: Hoach’s WREC Legionnaire

         SS: +B GCH Willow Run Elvis Costello

         SD: Hoach’s Lyric Lefevre

D: CH Pleasant-Grove RR Lemonade  LA 3-5 FS 92 EEEE

        DS:  +B SGCH Marran Rose’s Rochester

        DD: Pleasant-Grove Money Lessons FS 90

Rarely do we purchase a doe, but we’ve had no regrets about adding young “Limmie” to the herd in 2020! We chose her as she descends from a doe we long admired, Hoach’s LeFevre,  in combination with a beautiful Rochester daughter, Lemonade.  We  love her strength of bone, width and correct structure. 

Cou blanc

Bred to Steig, due April 2021

Kids: $450