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Roeburn’s BB Sonja


Yearling photo

 DOB: 3/15/15


ADGA Genetics Listing

Young Stock appraisal: 1-4  Overall Ec (Ec Ec Ec)

              Ec in front and rear legs, back and rump

S: Missdee’s RL  Benjamin Britten 3-3 FS 88 (V V V) E in back and rump

D: Roeburn’s KVLS Sophia FS 87 (V V E V) E in rear legs and back
2-0 262 1940 69 3.6% incomplete

A powerful yet dairy doeling, we love Sonya’s square and correct leg set. She has tremendous width throughout, in the chest floor and in the escutcheon reminding us very much of Bathsheba. This year’s appraiser observed when she scored Sonja with Ec in all categories that “no matter how you lead her, she naturally reverts to a correct stance every time”! Shown only in our final show of the 2015 season, she placed 2nd to Amalie. She is our favorite Benjamin Britten daughter.

Cou blanc

Bred to Zydeco

Kids: $450