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Roeburn’s KVLS Elspeth

yearling photo

yearling photo

A 1727121

DOB: 3/7/15

ADGA Genetics Listing

Young stock appraisal: 1-4 Overall V (V Ec V)

Ec in front legs and rump

S: Kickapoo-Valley KVLS Scalleywag FS 89

D: Roeburn’s KVLW Esme

Elspeth is an exceptionally stylish and doe with excellent dairy type, called by the appraiser “a very fancy yearling”.  She placed 1st both times shown in the spring of 2015, including in a very large kid class at Southern VT. We love the length of body and topline of her dam, Esme (sold this spring); and expect that Elspeth will do very well if she has the extremely high and tight mammary of her dam. Esme peaked at 14 lbs.day this spring as a first freshener! Elspeth is a bit more refined than many of our animals; therefore we have chosen to breed her to Corelli to add width and substance.

Cou Blanc

Bred to Corelli

Kids: $400