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Roeburn’s Nikola’s Milana




Milana as a kid


DOB: 3/24/2016

ADGA Genetics Listing

S: Pleasant-Grove Notable Nikola

D: GCH Roeburn’s KVLS Mila 11*M FS 91

Full sister to beautiful Amalie, we chose to keep “Lana” out of the lovely triplet does produced by Mila this spring, with the hope that she will mature as impressively as her sister. Like Amalie, she has the same length and levelness over the top line; how excels Amalie in rear leg angulation. Probably our favorite combination with Nick to date, this is a breeding we repeated for three consecutive years. We have chosen to breed Lana to Zydeco based on the exciting results of Amalie’s breeding to him this past season.

Bred to Zydeco 11/9/17

Kids: $400