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Roeburn’s KVZ Layla


Layla age 2

DOB: 4/07/18

ADGA Genetics listing

S: Kickapoo-Valley Careles Zydeco

D: Roeburn’s Nikola’s Milana

1-10 305 2319 3.1%, ext. 317 2364 in progress

Layla is maturing as our favorite Zydeco daughter.   Very smoothly blended with exceptional length of body and levelness over the topline, she has a beautifully attached mammary and the production to go with it!  She has excellent height and arch of her rear udder and a fore attachment that could not be more smoothly blended  into her abdomen. She has very correct rear leg angulation as well.  We were not entirely satisfied with this year’s photos, so have included two, the upper taken at 5 months fresh, the lower left (fuzzy frosty September morning)  at 7 months fresh. 

Cou clair

Bred to Baron Wimsey,  due March 27, 2021

Kid price: $500

Layla 1