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Roeburn’s KVZ Sari


DOB: 3/05/2018

ADGA Genetics Listing

S: Kickapoo-Valley Careles Zydeco

D: Roeburn’s BB Sonja 10 *M  FS 91

We love the length of body and the overall scale and strength of Sari. She is a upstanding, stylish  yearling who we see as almost a duplicate of her dam, who appraised at 91 (V E V E) this year  (with a 39 in rear udder height and a 46 in fore udder!!).  Especially if she inherits her dam’s mammary, we feel that Sonja looks forward to a bright future. We have bred her to our new junior herd sire, Andreas.

Bred to Andreas on 9/24/2019


Doe kid available, $500 (now weaned)