Roeburn’s Jentle Raven

Roeburn’s Jentle Raven


DOB: 2/21/2019

ADGA Genetics Listing

S: Kickapoo-Valley Jentle Jed

       SS:Kickapoo-Valley Make it Jive LA 1-03 FS 88 (VEE)

       SD: Kickapoo-Valley Jentle Moment LA 2-6 FS 89 (V V V E)

                1-01 258 1906 73 59              

D: Roeburn’s Corelli Merrilee

        DS: Addi-Hill Ledger Corelli

       DD: Roeburn’s KVLW Meribel 12*M  FS 92

Very similar structurally to her sister, Erin, Raven is a  striking black doeling with a white star on her forehead. The white on her lower jaw creates the appearance of a weak jaw but it’s a trick of the eye; her jaw has normal depth! Also long-bodied and level over her topline, she will remain dry this year.