Terms of Sale

Prices quoted are for pre-ordered kids picked up at the farm by four weeks of age. We require that reserved kids be paid for in full by four weeks of age if pick up is delayed.  After six weeks of age, if a kid has not been picked up, boarding charges will apply. Prices on unreserved kids are subject to change once kids are born. Most kids will be for sale; a few mature does will also be available in the spring, as we maintain a herd size of no more than ten mature milkers. Please refer to our Stock for Sale listing for details/ photos of mature animals for sale and kids born who are available.

As our herd is completely CAE free, we allow kids to nurse their dams, as we feel that they grow best and are healthiest when dam raised. Any kid sold will be transitioned to a bottle/lamb bar prior to leaving the farm. For an additional $100 we will remove a kid from its dam at birth and hand raise if this is the buyer’s wish.

We ship by air out of Boston Logan airport.  A $100 deposit is required to hold any animal reserved.  This deposit is non-refundable if the order is cancelled or full payment is not received within four weeks of age.  The deposit can be transferred to another kid or refunded if we cannot fill your order. Kids must meet our standards in order to be sold; if we feel that a kid other than the one who you have reserved may be a better choice for your herd, we may suggest that you transfer your deposit; however, that choice is the buyer’s.

While we honor deposits placed, we do reserve the right to retain any kid born for the herd; We also reserve the right to purchase 20 straws  of semen at the cost of the collection from any buck kid purchased.

Due to the distance we live from any airport, we now charge for cost of transport to the airport.  Exact cost will depend upon the current cost of gas.  Buyers are responsible for the cost of shipment, crate, and health certificate.