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*B Addi-Hill Lincoln Steig


ADGA Genetics Listing

DOB: 04/17/2020

CH Addi Hill Silas Sydnee

S: *B Addi-Hill T.O. Lincoln

          SS: *B Roeburn’s AHC Tom Outland FS 87

         SD: SGCH Addi-Hill Shamus Linnet 3*M

               5-06 FS92 EEEE, E in head, front legs,         back and rump

D: GCH Addi-Hill Silas Sydnee 3*M

LA: 3-06 FS91 EEEE, E in shoulder assembly, front & rear legs, back & rump

         DS: *B Roeburn’s KVLS Silas

         DD: GCH Addi-Hill Ledger Sure Is 2*M

                                                                                                                                   Dam, Sydnee, at age 3

We are very pleased to add young Steig to our lineup of herd sires. We love his dam’s length of body, levelness over the top line and impressive mammary attachment. Steig combines some of our strongest doe lines with some of the best in the Addi-Hill line and we look forward to some exciting line breedings in the future.  As a late born kid, Steig will be used sparingly this season, but as we watch him develop, we are finding ourselves impressed with his width throughout, his sharpness over the withers, and his depth of body for his age.