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Roeburn’s Jentle Erin



DOB: 2/21/2019

ADGA Genetics Listing

S: Kickapoo-Valley Jentle Jed

       SS:Kickapoo-Valley Make it Jive LA 1-03 FS 88 (VEE)

       SD: Kickapoo-Valley Jentle Moment LA 2-6 FS 89 (V V V E)

                1-01 258 1906 73 59              

D: Roeburn’s Corelli Merrilee

        DS: Addi-Hill Ledger Corelli

       DD: Roeburn’s KVLW Meribel 12*M  FS 92

Our first born Jed daughter, Erin stood out from birth, with great length of body and levelness over the rump. She has continued to impress us with her overall scale, width and strength, and we look forward to seeing her in milk! 


Bred to Cato

Due February 2021

Kids: $400