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GCH Roeburn’s KVLW Bathsheba 8*M


DOB: 3/04/12


Bathsheba age 4

AGDA Genetics Listing


LA 5-5 FS 92 (E E E E) E in head, rear legs, back and rump

LA 4-4 FS 90 (V E V E) E in head and back

LA   2-4 FS 91 (E E E E) E in head,  shoulders, front legs, back
1-4 FS 88 (V V E V) E in head, front legs, and rear legs

Young stock appraisal rating: Age 0-5 Overall Ec (V Ec Ec) (Ec in head, rear legs, back and rump)

8-00 280 2121 3.5% 75 in progress

7-00 305 2364 3.7% 88 

6-01 275 2431 3.5% 86 

5-00 305 2638 92 3.6% ext. 2686 3.7% 99

4-00 305 2533 ext. 326 2633 92 3.5%

3-00 305 3063 115 3.8%

2-00 305 2576 94 3.6% ext. 313 2595 95 3.7%
1-01 274 1647 57 3.5%

S: ++*B Kickapoo-Valley HL Lord Wimsey FS 91 (E E E)

D: GCH Roeburn’s DVK Sheba FS 92 (E E E E)

Bathsheba is a real beauty, who has followed in the footsteps of her dam, GCH Sheba FS 92 and full sister, Sapphira, FS  91. She is a wide, strong, smoothly blended doe with a beautiful topline and great depth of body. Shown once as a kid, she was 1st and Junior Champion, earning her dry leg!!  Shown twice in 2013 as a first freshener, she placed first both times and Reserve GCH once.  Facing strong competition from her herdmate Milly, Bathsheba placed 2nd behind Milly in the one show attended in 2014. Shown three times in 2015, Bathsheba  placed 2nd to Milly in her first two shows, but when we left Milly, now a GCH, out of the way, Bathsheba placed 1st, Grand Champion and then Best in Show in her final show of the season!!  Shown just once in 2016, Bathsheba went Grand champion and BOB, finishing bathshebaher Championship! Appraising as a 5 year old in August 2017, the appraiser referred to Bathsheba as “stunning”!! Her permanent appraisal score of 92 E E E E makes her a third generation 92! Bathsheba has sons in California, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and Montana, Wisconsin, and Maine. 

Cou blanc

Bred to:  SG *B 7Roeburn’s Sedric Bruno or Cato

Due: 3/25/2021

Kids: $750