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Roeburn’s Corelli Jazarah 12*M


DOB: 3/2/2016

ADGA Genetics Listing

LA 3-6 FS 90 (E E E E) E in front legs, rear legs, back and rump

S: Addi-Hill Ledger Corelli FS 90

D: SG Chateau Briant’s Jujube 11*M FS 91

4-00 305 2850 3.1% in progress

3-00 295 2450 3.3% 80 

1-11 305 2134 3.7% 79 ext. 346 2309 3.8% 87

“Zarah” is a doe who stood out from birth, and she continues to be one of our favorites. Very tall, long and level and deep-bodied, there is nothing we would change about this doe (including her two tone wattles)! Zarah has a very high rear attachment with a beautiful  rear udder arch, and tremendous length and smoothness of blending in the fore udder.  She is one of our most persistent producers.  We have retained her stylish AI twin does this year from our former herdsire,   ++*B  Kickapoo-Valley Lord Wimsey. We’ll continue to try to get a photo that does her justice!

Cou blanc     

Bred to:  SG Tempo Aquila Handyman AI       

 Due :  4/ 5/21

Kids: $650