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Roeburn’s Nikola Amalie 12*M


DOB: 3/29/15

ADGA Genetics Listing

LA 4-6 FS 91 (E E E E) E in shoulder assembly, front legs, rear legs, back and rump  

Amalie age 5

LA 2-5 FS 89 (V E V V) E in back and rump

Young Stock Appraisal rating: 1-4 Overall Ec (V Ec Ec)

4-11 291 2608 3.8% 100 in progress

4-00 282 2242  4.1%  92

3-00 303 2432 103 4.2% 

1-11 305 2413 99 4.1% ext. 337 2557 108 4.2%

S: Pleasant-Grove Notable Nikola  FS 89 (VEV)

D: GCH Roeburn’s KVLS Mila  11*M FS 92 (E E E E)

Tall,  extremely long bodied and level over the topline, Amalie is a very impressive and powerful doe. Very tight and smoothly blended in the front end, she is very similar in type to her dam, Milly. Shown three times as a kid, she placed 2X 2nd (to a herdmate), and 1X first in her final time out in October. Shown once in 2016, she placed Reserve Junior Champion.  In her only time out in 2017, in

Amalie age 4

her first show as a milker, she went Reserve Senior Champion!  Shown once in 2018, Amalie placed 1st, Grand Champion, and Best Senior doe in Show!  Attending no shows this season, Amalie has not had the chance to show herself off since, but her 2019 LA scores are evidence to her quality. Unfortunately, she is a  “dancer”, and my photos just don’t do her justice.                                                                                                                              


Cou Clair

Bred to: Andreas, due 4/5/21

Kids: $700