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Roeburn’s Nikola Magritte



DOB: 3/16/17

ADGA Genetics Listing

LA 2-6 FS 89 (E E V V) E in head, front legs, rear legs, back, and rump

3-00 270 2636 3.7% 97 in progress

1-11 305 2684 3.8% 103  ext. 360 3055 3.9% 119 in progress

S: Pleasant-Grove Notable Nikola FS 89 (VEV)

D: GCH Roeburn’s KVLS Mila 11*M FS 92 (EEEE)

Slower to mature than. her twin sister Matisse, “Maggie” just oozes dairy type and style.  She has remarkable length of body, is extremely level over the topline and shows excellent rear leg angulation. Shown  once in 2018 at the large southern VT DGA show, she was chosen Reserve Junior champion.  Maggie freshened with a beautiful mammary, earning the highest rear udder score in the herd in 2019. Freshening with quads as a first freshener,  she peaked and maintained production of 10 lbs. or more for the first several months of her lactation.   She continues to be one of our best producers.     We are very excited about. her AI breeding to Legacy, the son of our very beautiful SGCH Roeburn’s BR Rose of Sharon. Legacy is perhaps best known as the sire of GCH Tempo Aquila Sailin’ Free 6*M FS 92, the 2017 Reserve National Champion, but his 23 appraised daughters have averaged 87.8!                   

Cou blanc

Bred to:  GCH *B Roeburn’s Legacy AI

Due: 3/19/21

Kids: $700