Addi-Hill Ledger Corelli

Corelli age 3

Corelli age 3

DOB: 4/06/13

AGDA Genetics Listing

LA 3–3 FS 90 (E E E) E in front legs, back, and rump

LA 1-3 FS 87 (V E V) E in head, back and rump

S: Pleasant-Grove Zen Ledger FS 86 (V + V)

D: GCH Addi-Hill Shamus Cricket *M  FS 92 (E E E E)  E in head, shoulder assembly, front and rear legs, and feet DHI age 3 (2nd freshening) 312 days 3231 lbs.

We can’t say enough about Corelli and feel so fortunate to have owned him. We long admired his dam, Cricket, arguably the best of the Shamus daughters in the Addi-Hill herd. Shamus’ owner, Mary Dignon, has repeatedly stated that Shamus is a buck who “improves every doe he is bred to”. Bringing Corelli into the herd allowed us to line breed on our Rose of Sharon/Sheba line, while adding the influence of Ledger, son of Length, the 2011 Reserve National Champion, and descendent of some of the finest of the Hill N Holler bloodlines. Corelli has been called a “looker” by a few breeders who have had the chance to see him “in person”. While very dairy in type, he has tremendous bone strength, and great stature. He is level over the topline and rump. Corelli kids have all shown excellent dairy type, with strong bone, and correctness in feet and legs. The daughters we have freshened have beautifully attached and capacious mammaries, and we have been very pleased with their production.  We keep thinking that we should keep a Corelli son, but he is well, and proven, so he remains in the herd! We were finally able to have him collected this fall. Thank you again, Mary and Tom Dignon, for giving us the opportunity to purchase Corelli!


Corelli at 4 months old

Corelli at 4 months old


Dam: GCH Cricket


Sire: Ledger