Animals for sale

In the fall of 2022, we sold our herd, after 47 years of raising dairy goats. While this was bittersweet, we were ready. The decision was made infinitely easier than it might have been, as two well-known and respected Alpine breeders expressed their interest in purchasing our animals. These were Carly Santangelo of Cuba New York, and Kathy Kelley of Cobleskill, New York. The animals were bred prior to moving, and in the spring of 2023, the last generation of Alpine kids with the prefix “ROEBURN” were born.

If you are looking for animals who descend from our bloodlines, please feel free to contact either Carly or Kathy:

Carly Santangelo: Bellhurst Farm, LLC 7366 Mount Monroe Road Cuba, NY 14727 860-463-5529

Kathy Kelley: Hawks Hill Farm Cobleskill, NY 518-361-0088