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Yearling photo of Baron

ADGA Genetics Listing

DOB: 2/28/2020

1-6 FS 86 ( + V V) E in back and rump

S: ++*B Kickapoo-Valley HK Lord Wimsey FS 91 EEE (18 daughters av. FS 87.8)

D:  Roeburn’s Nikola Matisse 11*M

LA 4-5 FS 91 (E E E E)  E in head, front legs, rear legs, back, and rump

LA 2-6 FS 89 (E V E E) E in shoulder assembly, rear legs, back and rump (1st freshener)

Baron is the first “Petey” (Lord Wimsey) son we have kept, as we used Petey so heavily during his time in the herd, that the doe herd has been too closely related to use a son. Lord Wimsey was one of the finest herd sires we have owned, consistently producing correctness of. type, with many GCH daughters and sons. We decided in 2020 to keep an AI son in order to bring back in the Petey genetics; however, with our recent major herd reduction, leaving his dam and three full or half sisters among our remaining does, we have made the difficult decision to offer Baron for sale. He has been collected and DNA typed. Baron is a very wide, strong boned young buck who shows his dam’s length of body and levelness over the top line, and has correct feet and legs.

Price: $750