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Roeburn’s Nikola Matisse

Matisse as a 2 year old first freshener 6 months fresh


DOB: 3/16/17

ADGA Genetics Listing

LA 2-6 FS 89 (E V E E) E in shoulder assembly, rear legs, back and rump

2-00 279 1631 3.9% 63 

S: Pleasant-Grove Notable Nikola FS 89 (VEV)

D: GCH Roeburn’s KVLS Mila 11*M FS 92 (EEEE)

Full sister to Amalie and Magritte, “Matty” is a very strong-boned, wide and powerful doe who, despite  her strength, does not yield dairy character.  She has the same very level topline and correctness to her leg set seen in her sisters. She freshened with a very well attached mammary earning an “E” at linear appraisal; however, birthing a single kid, has not had the production of her twin,  Maggie. We are eager to see her show off her mammary when she has more milk as a second freshener! Shown once in 2017, she placed 3rd behind herdmates Amity and Merilee in a large kid class.

Cou clair

Bred to ++*B Kickapoo Valley HL Lord Wimsey (AI)

Due: 2/27/20

Kids: $600

Matisse as a dry yearling