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*B Roeburn’s Brutus Marcus Cato


ADGA Genetics Listing

DOB: 02/28/2020

S: ++*B SG Roeburn’s Gatwick Brutus FS 88 (pictured)

D: GCH Roeburn’s KVLW Mila 11*M FS 92 EEEE

We are thrilled to have added Cato to the herd this year, a son of one of our top does, Milly, and  our Brutus, an SG ADGA Elite buck whose appraised daughters averaged an impressive 89.2! Cato shows great length of body, levelness of the top line, like both his dam and sire, and correctness of feet and legs. We expect him to throw these qualities as well as increasing milk production, and we’ve used him fairly heavily this season. Cato was the only purebred Alpine to qualify for the ADGA Young Sire Development program in the first quarter of 2020!