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Tad Madeleine

DOB: 6/15/98

AGDA Genetics Listing

L.A. 5-2 FS 90 (E E E E) ( E in front legs, back and rump) 4-0 FS 90 (V E E E) 2-0 FS 89 (E E V E)

1-7 305 2368 99 4.2% ext. 352 2650 113

2-9 305 2880 120 4.2% ext. 363 3005 126 4.2%

3-10 287 2639 103 3.9% 82 3.1%

4-9 279 2423 96 4.0%

5-09 305 2808 113 4.0%

6-09 305 2447 93 3.8% ext. 309 2468 94

Lifetime: 16048 647 491

S: *B Roeburn’s Sorcerer Thaddeus FS 88

D: Roeburn’s DV Melinda 6*M FS 88 (+ E E E) (1GCH leg)

  • DS: +*B Roeburn’s CW Diggory Venn
  • DD: GCH Roeburn’s PP Majorca 5*M FS 90 (V E E E)

One of our most “eye-catching” does, for her elegance, stature and “uphill” stance, we were very excited when Madeleine finished her GCH on her 5th birthday, winning at the Southern VT show on 6/15/03! Madeleine is extremely sharp and high in the withers, long legged, angular, with a beautifully level topline. She has continued to gain depth through the flank as she has matured. She has a lovely mammary system, high and wide in the rear, with near ideal teat size and placement. While she scored a “29” in rear leg, side view, Madeleine does have a tendency to appear slightly straight legged when at rest. She and Menorca were neck and neck in competition in the 2002 shows: losing to “Norie” in the first show of the season, she went on to win in the next two shows, going Best in Show at the 2002 NH DGA annual spring show. Madeleine’s sons from 2001 are herd sires in Vermont and Ontario, and her 2002 son by Brutus is also working in Vermont. Her 2004 son by Sweet Dreams Golden Boy is junior herd sire in an Arkansas herd. Madeleine has not been shown since attaining her GCH.

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