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Rose Petal

DOB: 3/16/95

ADGA Genetics Listing

L.A. 5-4 FS 92 (E E E E)

HES 3-6 FS 91.6 (Mammary 94 DC 93 BC 86 GA 90)
L.A. 4-4 FS 88 (+ V E E)
2-3 FS 87 (V + V E)
7-10 290 2237 84 3.8%
6-0 305 2288 89 3.8% ext.621 3618 143 4.0%
5-1 279 2226 3.7%
4-1 305 2453 81 3.7%
3-1 300 2450 90 3.7
1-10 305 1952 73 3.7%

S: Kickapoo Valley CAL Fritz

D: GCH Roeburn’s AB Petra 4*M (twin to Portia)
6-4 FS89 (V E E E) 4-4 FS90 (E E V E)
4-1 305 2890 109 3.7%
LIFETIME 2311 16343 618 3.7%

Our final Petra daughter, and a personal favorite, Rose Petal has a virtually flawless mammary system, with an extremely high and wide rear udder, unbelievable fore extension, and ideally sized and placed teats. She has appraised “E” in mammary every year. While wide and powerful, with excellent front end structure and prominent brisket, and wide, arched escutcheon, I have criticized her for lacking the stature, elegance, and “uphill” style of other does in her line. Still, the judges love her and her appraisal score of 92 with Excellent in all categories attests to her structural correctness! Rose Petal finished her championship in the first show of the ’99 season, placing GCH, BOB, and Best Doe in Show! She also has 4 Reserve GCH wins to her credit. Rose Petal has proven to be an outstanding brood doe as well. Her son, Rhett, is now senior herd sire in a CT herd. Another son, Petriarch, was sold to Brian and Jennifer Vance of Wisconsin; his granddaughter, Robena, was second place 2 year old at the 2004 National show! We were extremely pleased to have finished the championship of Rose Petal’s daughter, Sharon, this season. Sharon is also an outstanding producer; as a 2 year old first freshener, made a new herd record of highest first freshener production (2814 lbs!) (a record since broken by Joie de Vivre), also out of an exquisite mammary system.

In 2004, we sold 9 year old Rose Petal to a “retirement” home; a small family herd in NH. While her new owners will retain her first doe kid, bucks or a second doe will be available.

Dark chamoisee