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Roeburn’s Corelli Armani

Armani A2121706

ADGA Genetics Listing

DOB: 04/04/2020

S: Addi-Hill Ledger Corelli FS 90 EEE

D: Roeburn’s KVZ Annika 13*M FS 2-6 88 (V V V E)

We had planned to offer Armani for sale as a. kid as we had retained her beautiful yearling sister, Anais, but changed our minds as we watched her develop. She is an exceptionally smoothly blended and balanced young doe with great length of body, a beautiful top line and correctness of feet and legs. We selfishly decided we couldn’t let her go! We. look forward to seeing her freshen and hope that she has the excellent production of Anais.

Bred to: Andreas

Due: Bred 9/29/21

Kids: $450