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Reference Buck: Gatwick Brutus


ADGA Elite buck designation
3/23/1998 – 8/18/2003

AGDA Genetics Listing

Linear Appraisal 2-4 FS 88 (V V E)
Linear Appraisal 1-2 FS 83 (+ E E)

S: *B Roeburn’s Profet Gatwick
ADGA Young Sire Development Program ETA 2:1 +97 1:2 +94
L.A. 1-3 FS 83 (+ E V) 2-3 FS 78 (A E E)

D: GCH Roeburn’s AB Portia 4*M
5-4 FS 90 (V E E E) Lifetime 2560 21539 753 3.5%

       DS: Little-Rise AB Asher Benjamin 

      DD: Foxhollow Pollywog 3*M



We were very saddened by our loss of Brutus in the summer of 2003. Brutus combined our two strongest doe lines over the past 20 years, with the added influence of his paternal grandsire, Marvelous Profet, whom we have repeatedly combined successfully with our Roeburn bloodlines. He was the final Portia son out of our final Layla son, and he exceeded all our expectations. He carried on and reinforced the qualities for which these lines have become known: stature, dairy character, structural correctness, and excellent mammary systems. Extremely powerful and wide in the chest, Brutus not only incorporated our best genetics, but was striking in appearance. From birth, he stood out among his peers: he was extremely tall and long-bodied, “board” level across the topline and rump, with excellent leg set. Brutus daughters are level over the topline, smoothly blended in the front end, and have the height and sharpness in the withers which produces the elegant “uphill” appearance we so admire. Six of our current ten mature milkers are Brutus daughters. His milking daughters in our herd, including GCH Menorca FS 91 and GCH Rose of Sharon FS 90, all have outstanding udder attachment. Brutus also dramatically increases milk production; Sharon produced 2800 lbs. as a first freshener, while daughter Joie de Vivre has exceeded 3500 lbs. in her first freshening!! We view Brutus as one of the finest sires we have owned.