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While we no longer focus on milk sales, we continue to breed for high production. We have had two does achieve placement on the ADGA Top Ten list for Alpine production, and one doe placed in the Top Ten for butterfat. Eliana, a daughter of SG Roeburn’s Gatwick Brutus, attained Top Ten status for a  four consecutive years! Ranking #3 for production  in 2005 at 3-01 305 4490 (the top ranking Purebred Alpine!!), and  #9 for Protein, at 109 lbs, SG Eliana moved up to #2 in 2006 with 4390 lbs.of milk in 305 days (4-01 305 4390 131 3.0%).  She topped both of those records with production at age 5-01 at 4510 lbs. in 305 days (5-01 3-5 4510 2.9%). SG Joie de Vivre placed #6 for production at 3-11 305 4090, and #9 for butter fat at 131 lbs in 2005. Our DHIA rolling herd average has dropped from a high of 3043 2011, but remains at just under 2700 lbs.