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GCH Sheba

DOB: 1/20/02

ADGA Genetics Listing

2007 LA 5-6 FS 92 (E E E E) (E in head, shoulder assembly, front legs, rear legs, back, and rump)

2005 LA 3-7 FS 90 (V E E E) (E in head, rear legs, back, and rump)
2004 LA 2-7 FS 89 (V E E E)
9-2 256 1800 62 3.5% (single kid)
7-1 305 2910 90 3.1% ext. 690 4778 163 3.4%
6-2 276 2099 72 3.4 (single kid again)
5-2 305 2978 109 3.7% ext. 328 3091 113
4-2 280 2263 78 34% (single kid)
3-2 305 3281 121 3.7% ext. 334 3446 127
2-4 245 2475 90 3.6%
1-2 305 2005 71 3.5%, ext. 344 2200 79 3.6%

S: *B Roeburn’s DV Dvorak FS 90

D: SGCH Roeburn’s BR Rose of Sharon 6*M FS 92 EEEE

Tall, long and extremely level over the topline, Sheba is a very stylish, “eye-catching” doe. She has excellent rear leg angulation, tremendous depth of body, and great width between the hocks. She has a beautifully attached and shaped mammary system with ideally placed and sized teats. Shown five times as a yearling milker, Sheba placed first at all five shows. Freshening late in 2004, she missed the first show of the season, but she made up for it! Shown at the Southern VT DGA show, she went GCH, then BOB over two GCHs!! Continuing to excel, Sheba was shown twice in 2005, placing 2 X 1st, GCH, BOB, and Best in Show, and completing her Championship, making her a 4th generation GCH!! Sheba has one of the most correct mammary systems in the current herd.
Shown at the three shows we attended in 2007, she placed BOB X2. She and Velvet have placed 4X 1st place Produce of Dam. Shown twice in 2008, Sheba placed 1 X 1st, and 1X 2nd behind Velvet in the Champion Challenge class. We were thrilled when Sheba earned a permanent appraisal score of 92 in 2007, making her the third consecutive doe in her line to attain a permanent score of 92!! Sheba’s twin bucks born in 2007 are herd sires in the Addi-Hill herd in Ohio, and in the herd of Ted Brooks in Arizona. Her 2009 son, Samurai, by Petey is in the Chateau Briant herd in Maine, and is passing on his quality: Samurai daughters placed 1st and 3rd at the 2011 National Show! Samurai’s twin sister, Sapphy, is extremely stylish and correct, appraising 88 VEVE as a first freshener. Sheba’s 2011 buck from Petey is a junior herd sire in Quebec. We plan again to repeat the Sheba X Petey breeding.

Cou Blanc