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Roeburn’s Corelli Jazarah

AA1782513 DOB: 3/2/2016 ADGA Genetics Listing S: Addi-Hill Ledger Corelli D: Chateau Briant’s Jujube “Zarah” is one of those doelings who stands out from birth. Very tall, long and level, there is nothing we would change about this doe (including her two tone wattles)! It is frustrating not to have been able to show her …

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Lucy Gayheart 1

Roeburn’s KVZ Lucy Gayheart

A1782516 DOB: 3/26/2016 ADGA Genetics Listing S: Kickapoo-Valley Careles Zydeco D: GCH Roeburn’s KVLW Sapphira 8*M FS 91 Our first Zydeco daughter, Lucy Gayheart shows the depth and spring of rib of her family line (Sheba, Sapphira, Bathsheba) with added length of body and correctness of feet and legs. We are excited about young Lucy’s …

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Roeburn’s Nikola’s Milana

A1782519 DOB: 3/24/2016 ADGA Genetics Listing S: Pleasant-Grove Notable Nikola D: GCH Roeburn’s KVLS Mila 11*M FS 91 Full sister to beautiful Amalie, we chose to keep “Lana” out of the lovely triplet does produced by Mila this spring, with the hope that she will mature as impressively as her sister. At this time, she …

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