If you are interested in purchasing semen you must either send us a tank which we will return with the semen, or be able to pick it up from us at the farm.  

Semen from our herd sires is available only through us.


Roeburn’s Sedric Bruno $25/straw
(        SGCH Rose of Sharon FS 92 X Sedric)
Roeburn’s KVF Legend 5/$75
         (GCH Lainey FS 90 X +B Kickapoo Valley CAL Fritz)

Roeburn’s Profet Prototype 5/ $60
(GCH Roeburn’s AB Petra FS 89 X Marvelous Profet)

Roeburn’s Profet Gatwick 5/$75
          (GCH Roeburn’s SVL Layla FS 91 X Marvelous Profet)

Roeburn’s Sorcerer Thaddeus 5/$75
           (GCH Roeburn’s SVL Octavia FS 90 X Nodaway Mystical Sorcerer)

Roeburn’s A Ansel 3 straws @ $20/straw (American)
(GCH Roeburn’s Sasin Alexandra X Shahena’Ko Bell Alex)

Roeburn’s SDWS Rhett 5/$50
(GCH Roeburn’s KVF Rose Petal FS 92 X Sand Dance Windsurfer)

Roeburn’s HLS Lancelot 5/$50
(GCH Roeburn’s Kane Lainey FS 90 X Hoach’s LeSabre)
Roeburn’s CW Diggory Venn 5/$50
(GCH Roeburn’s Profet Dacey X GCH Sudbury Hill Car Wash)

Roeburn’s DV Dvorak 5/$75
(GCH Roeburn’s KVF Dolce Vita X Diggory Venn)

Roeburn’s HLS Magellan 5/$50
(GCH Roeburn’s Majorca X Hoach’s La Sabre)


Addi-Hill Ledger Corelli $25/straw

Kickapoo-Valley Jentle Jed 5/$60

Kickapoo-Valley Careles Zydeco 5/$100

Kickapoo-Valley Saga Sibelius $25/straw

Sand Dance Renegade Windjammer 5/$40

GCH Sudbury Hill AD Car Wash 5/$60
Hoach’s Londia Lohengrin 5/$100
(Hoach’s WRA Londia X Sand Dance SDT Trendsetter)

Chateau Briant’s Kane Francois FS 87 5/$50
(C.B. Francine FS 85 X New Era’s Kane)

Springsun V Lukas $25/straw
(Springsun J Layla X Hill N Holler J Vermilion)

Kickapoo Valley Cal Fritz $35/straw
( Hoach’s California Gold X CH Kickapoo Valley Lusions Acacia FS 91)

Maple Glen Classic’s Clare 3 straws @ $25/straw

Redwood Hills Marvelous Profet 1 straw @ $50

Sanstorm’s Maximillion 5/$40
         (Sanstorm’s Notorious X CH Sanstorm Mystical Millicent)
Shahena’ko W Sumo 3 straws@ $50 each

Willow Run Rico Atlas 5@ $25 each