SG Chateau Briant’s Jujube 11*M

Jujube age 2



DOB: 4/13/14

Jujube age 4

AGDA Genetics Listing


LA 5-5 FS 91 (E E E E) E in head, back and rump

LA 3-4 FS 90 ((V E V E)  E in rear legs and rump

LA 2-3 FS 87 (V E V V) E in rump

Young Stock Appraisal rating 1-2 Overall Ec (Ec V Ec) Ec in rear legs, back and rump

4-11 285  2814 3.0% 85 in progress

4-00 286  2740 2.9% 80

2-11 305 2987 92 3.1% ext. 336 3159 3.1% 99

1-10 305 2813 97 3.4% ext. 337 2999 105 3.5%


S:  +*B GCH Chateau Briant’s Jaylen 3-1 FS 91 (E E E) 5 GCH daughters

D: GCH Chateau Briant’s Jovial 10 *M 3-4 FS 91 (E E E E)  3rd place 4 year old and 1st place dam and daughter, 2014 National Show!

While we have rarely purchased doelings, we could not resist this proven line breeding incorporating some of Chateau Briant’s best genetics with our Roeburn’s KVLW Samurai out of ++*B Kickapoo-Valley Lord Wimsey (Petey) and GCH Sheba. Jujube has not disappointed!!! She freshened with a gorgeous and well balanced mammary system, high in the rear with an excellent rear udder arch, beautifully blended in the fore, with ideally sized and placed teats. Shown once as a first freshener, she placed first in her class. Moreover, her production has been impressive, milking as well as a first freshener as some of our mature does. Jujube’s full sister, Joyanna, has already attained her championship and appraised FS 89 (E V E E) as a first freshener! We were very excited to hear that Jovial and Joyanna won 1st place dam and daughter at 2014 National show! We feel that Jujube shows excellent potential as well, with her width throughout, her beautifully level topline, and her impressive dairy style. Shown for the first time at the Southern VT DGA show in June 2014, Jujube placed 2nd and Reserve Junior Champion! She won her dry leg at her final show in 2015. Shown once as a first freshener, she placed first in her class. In addition, Jujube is one of our best producers.  In her one show in 2017 she placed 2nd to Meribel. We attended no shows this season, but Jujube has looked her best, and we were very pleased with her permanent appraisal score of FS 91 (E E E E) in September 2019! Photos below are Jovial as a first freshener (L), Jujube as a dry yearling,  full sister Joyanna (below Jovial), and her sire, Jaylen. We were very pleased that Jujube attained the “SG” designation this year.

Cou blanc

Bred to: ++*B Kickapoo-Valley HL Lord Wimsey

Due: 4/7/20

Kids: $700