GCH Roeburn’s KVLS Mila 11*M

Milly at Southern VT GCH ROEBURN’S KVLS MILA   11*M A1594253

ADGA Genetics Listing

LA 7-6 FS 92 (E E E E) E in head, shoulder assembly, front legs, back, and rump

LA 5-5 FS 91  (E E E E) E in head, front legs, rear legs, back and rump

LA 3-3 FS 91 (E E E E) E in head, shoulder assembly, front legs, rear legs, back and rump

LA 2-4 FS 89 (E E V E) E in shoulder assembly, front legs, rear legs, back and rump (1st freshener!)

Young stock appraisal rating: Age 0-5    Overall Ec (Ec Ec Ec) (Ec in front legs, rear legs, back and rump)

7-11 248 2037 3.0% 61 in progress

7-00 256 2089 3.7% 78 

6-01 253 1850 3.8% 70

5-00 305 3097 112 3.6% ext. 306 3103 in progress

4-00 280 2659 105 3.9%

3-00 282 2642 99 3.7%

1-11 305 2685 107 4.0% ext. 327 2808 4.1%

S: Kickapoo-Valley Life Scalleywag 2-4 FS 89 (V E E)
1-5 FS 86 (V V V)

D: Roeburn’s KVLW Maritsa 10*M 2-2 FS 89 (E E E V) (1st freshener)

“Milly” was our favorite kid in 2012. Standing out from the crowd from the day of birth, she has continued to excel, with great length of body, levelness over the top and rump, correct leg set, and a beautifully blended front end assembly. Shown twice as a kid, she was 1st in a large kid class at the Southern VT show in June, and 1X 2nd to Bathsheba. Shown just once as a dry yearling, Milly went Junior Champion and Best Junior doe in Show, earning her first GCH leg. We were absolutely thrilled when she freshened with a mammary attachment to match her body! She has a high and wide rear attachment, a fore udder attachment blending smoothly into her abdomen, and perfectly plumb teats. On top of all this, we have been very pleased with her production as a furst freshener, peaking at 12 lbs. In the one show we attended in 2014, Milly placed 1st in her class. Shown twice in 2015, she went on to finish her Championship, with two GCH and Best of Breed wins.  We view Milly as a valuable addition to the herd, and among the top does we have bred.  From a breeding that “clicked” every time, we have retained three daughters from Nick, Amalie , FS 91, and first freshener twins, Magritte and Matisse, both of whom appraised the highest score (89) possible for first fresheners. Milly’s very impressive 2019 son from Zydeco is a junior herd sire in the Early Rise herd in Wisconsin. We did not intend to appraise her in 2019, but added her (unclipped) at the last minute. She earned a 92 (E E E E)!! WE are very excited about her successful AI breeding to Saga!!

cou blanc

Bred to: +*B Pleasant-Grove super Saga (4 Time National Premier Alpine Sire)

Due: March 3, 2021

Kids: $800


Milly as a 2 year old first freshener