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Roeburn’s KVLW Meribel 12*M

DOB: 3/06/13

AGDA Genetics Listing

LA 6-6 FS 92 (V E E E) E in rear legs and rump


Meribel age 3

LA  3-4 FS 91 (E E V E) E in front legs, back, and rump

LA 2-3 FS 88 (V V V E) E in front legs, rear legs, back and rump

LA 1-4 FS 88 V E V E (E in head and front legs)
Young stock appraisal rating: 0-4  V (V EcV) Ec in rear legs, back and rump

7-00 302  2631 4.3%  112 in progress

5-11 305 2742 4.3% 121 ext. 327 2826 4.4% 124

4-00 305 2855 125 4.4% ext. 632 4903 4.5%  219

3-00 287 2604 109 4.2%

2-00 293 2626 115 4.4%

1-1 265 2084 80 3.9%

S: +*B Kickapoo-Valley HL Lord Wimsey FS91

D: SG Roeburn’s KVSS Mercy 11*M FS 91 (E E E E) (2 GCH legs)

A striking doe from birth for her dairy type and style, Mercy was shown just once as a kid, placing first and Junior Champion, and earning her first GCH leg. She freshened with a very impressive mammary attachment, extremely high in the rear, with a fore udder blending smoothly into her abdomen, and perfectly sized and placed teats. We were very pleased with her production as a yearling, peaking at 9 lbs, and holding there for her first 5 months of lactation!  Shown once as a yearling milker, she placed first in her class. Shown three times in 2015, she placed 1st all three times! While we would like to improve her shoulder assembly, her strengths in mammary, length and depth of body and leg set pull her to the top of the line repeatedly! We were very pleased with her appraisal score of 91 this summer, evidence of her putting it all together as she matures! Shown once in 2017, Meribel went GCH and Best of Breed, earning her second GCH leg!  In our only show in 2018 at the SVDGA show, Meribel placed first in her class having been milked through! We have not shown since.

Meribel age 2

Meribel age 2

cou blanc
Bred to: 

Milking through

Kids: $700

Meribel age 7