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Roeburn’s AHLC Celestial Star


Celeste as a 2 year old first freshener

DOB: 5/5/17

ADGA Genetics Listing  

LA 2-4 88 (V V V V) E in rump (1st freshener)

2-3 210 1772 3.2% 57 in progress

S: Addi-Hill Ledger Corelli FS 90

D: GCH Roeburn’s KVLW Muy Caliente FS 91 7*M


“Celeste” is an exceptionally smoothly blended young doe who is wide throughout and has a beautifully level top line and rump. As the final daughter of our much loved Caliente, we were excited to see that she has inherited her dam’s capacious and beautifully attached mammary. We have been very pleased with her production as a first freshener as well. While not as long and stretchy a doe as most in our herd, she is one of our favorites and most certainly a “keeper”.

Cou blanc

Bred to


Celeste as a kid (L) and as a dry yearling (R)