Roeburn’s KVZ Annika


DOB: 3/11/17

Annika as a first freshener

ADGA Genetics Listing

LA 2-6 FS 88 (V V V E) E in back

2-00 298 1586 4.7% 75 

S: Kickapoo-Valley Careles Zydeco

D: Roeburn’s NIkola Amalie FS 89                                                                                                   

Very similar in type to her twin Amity,  Annika is another long-bodied and level first freshener who stands on correct feet and legs Shown for the first time in her life at the 2018 Southern Vermont spring show, Annika placed 1st in the yearling class, then went on to be chosen Junior Champion and Best Junior Doe in Show! Annika freshened with a very pretty and well attached mammary, earning an “E” at linear appraisal.


Bred to: Repeat breeding to Corelli, due 3/31/20

Kids: $500