Roeburn’s Tom’s A Cappella

Roeburn’s Tom’s A Cappella 


DOB: 2/23/2019

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S: Roeburn’s AHC Tom Outland FS 87

      SS: Addi-Hill Ledger Corelli FS 90

      SD: GCH Roeburn’s KVLW Sapphira FS 91 (E E E E)

D: GCH Roeburn’s KVZ Amity FS 87

      DS: Kickapoo-Valley Careles Zydeco

      DD: Roeburn’s Nikola Amalie FS 91 (E E E E)

We were pleased to have been able to make this breeding before young Tom was purchased by the Addi-Hill herd last fall. “Apple” is an exceptionately  sharp,  dairy yearling, showing excellent width and depth of body. Her twin sister, Aries, sold as a kid, easily won her dry leg her first time out!

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