Kickapoo-Valley Life Scalleywag


Kickapoo-Valley Life Scalleywag

DOB: 3/2/11
AGDA Genetics Listing

LA 2-4 FS 89 (V E E)  (E in rear legs and rump)
LA 1-5 FS 86 (V V V)

S: Pleasant-Grove Midas Lifeline FS 90 (E V E) (E in head, shoulder assembly, rear legs, back, rump)

D: CH Kickapoo-Valley Abner Scandal FS 92 (E E E E)

We added “Scalley” to the herd in 2011 in order to bring in some new quality genetics to our relatively linebred herd. Interestingly, Scalley does go back remotely to one of our early herd sires, Springsun V Lukas, and more recently to Roeburn’s Brut Vini Vida Vici, twin to our Top Ten doe, Joie de Vivre. Hoach’s California Gold and Hoach’s Liason are also in his pedigree, keeping him from being a complete outcross.

Scalleywag descends from some outstanding Alpine stock. His dam, Scandal, has 15 Best in Show wins to her credit, has been 2 times 2nd place in National shows, and was 5th place in the 7 + year old at the 2011 National.  Lifeline’s maternal half sister, Length, placed 1st in the 4 year old class, and went on to win Reserve National Champion at the 2011 National show!! Length is appraised at 91 EEEE. A Lifeline daughter, Addiction, placed 1st in the Junior kid class at the 2010 National.

We are very pleased with Scalley’s appearance at this point. He is exceptionally dairy, clean and angular in type. He is sharp over the withers and smoothly blended in the front end, tracks straight in his fore legs, and has beautiful rear leg angulation. We see Scalley as improving general appearance, with daughters uniformly showing smoothness of blending, especially in the front end assembly, a characteristic difficult to find in Alpines! His daughters are notable as well for their style, cleanliness of bone, length of body and lovely toplines.Scalley’s first milking daughter, Mila, is extremely impressive, appraising 89 E E V E as a first freshener, after appraising an overall Ec with Ec in every category and earning her dry leg as a kid!

Scalley suffered an event in the fall of 2013 which we believe resulted from meningeal worm, and limited our ability to use him. He recovered well, however, and we plan to use him on several of our top does this season.


Kickapoo-Valley Life Scalleywag


Kickapoo-Valley Life Scalleywag



CH Kickapoo Valley Abner Scandal