Roeburn’s KVLS Sophia

DOB: 3/01/13

AGDA Genetics Listing

LA 2-3 FS 87 V V E V) E in rear legs and back

Young stock appraisal rating: 1-5 V (V Ec V) Ec in front legs, back and rump
0-sophie4 V (V V V) Ec in back

2-0 208 1654 57 3.4% in progress

S: Kickapoo-Valley Life Scalleywag  FS 89

D: GCH Roeburn’s KVLW Sapphira 8*M FS 91

A stylish young doe, who is extremely smoothly blended throughout, Sophie placed 1X 2nd, 1X 3rd, and 1X 5th in the three shows we attended as a kid. She has matured greatly this season, now showing the depth of body we love in her dam’s line. Shown once in 2014, she placed second to Bon Amie. Shown twice in 2015, she placed 2nd behind Meribel both times. She freshened with an extremely well attached mammary, scoring 45 in rear udder, and 36 in fore udder attachments! We plan to breed her to Nick to increase her length of body and overall style.

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Kids: $400