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Sedric Marta

DOB: 3/15/05

ADGA Listing

LA 5-6 FS 92 (E E E E) E in head, front legs, rear legs, and rump (44 in fore udder)
LA 4-3 FS 90 (E E E E) E in head, back, and rump
LA 2-4 FS 89 (V E V E) E in rear legs and rump
2005 YSA rating: Ec (V Ec Ec) Ec in head, shoulder assembly, and front legs

8-00 257 2299 84 3.7%
7-01 272 2436 75 3.1%
6-00 295 3440 122 3.5% ext. 323 3541 126 3.6%
5-00 300 3501 121 3.5%
4-00 299 3298 113 3.4%
3-00 299 3412 114 3.3%
1-11 305 3485 130 3.7% ext. 333 3696 140 3.8%
Lifetime: 22183 lbs. BF 773 PP 660

S: *B Sunshine Seign Sedric

  • SS: *B Sunshine Rehma Revive (41 daughters av. FS 85), (++*B Nodaway Sorcerer Visionary X GCH Sunshine Clare Rehma 3*M FS 93)
  • SD: Sunshine Aries Seign 8*M FS 92, (+*B Nodaway MD Ayla’s Aries FS 88 X Sunshine Cillus Siegly 7*M FS 90)

D: Roeburn’s Brutus Liesel 8*M FS 91 (EEEE) (littermate twin to SG Eliana FS 91)

We were very pleased to have made the breeding of Liesel and Sedric, and Marta is evidence that the combination worked! Sedric daughters comprised the first place Senior Get of Sire at the 2004 ADGA National show! He is a line bred buck, whose bloodlines go back to Sunshine Stella’s Strike and Sunshine Robelta Rommel, top Alpines sires of the 1970’s on whom our early herd was based. His daughters in Eric Jermain and John White’s One*Oak* Hill herd included Stiletto, FS 92 EEEE, Sihlvanna 3-0 90 VEEE, and Saphy, 2-7 89 EEEE as a first freshener.
Marta is an extremely tall and dairy doe, who taped 165 lbs at 18 months of age. She freshened in 2007 with a very well attached and capacious mammary, very high in the rear, and well blended in the fore (LA scores of 44 in fore udder extension), with ideally placed teats. Her milk production as a first freshener was phenomenal, maintaining a steady 13 lbs/day for the 1st 6 months of her lactation! Marta’s disdain for the show ring has affected her success in this realm, but her LA scores are evidence of her structural correctness. She has several 1st place wins and one Reserve Champion win to her credit. We were thrilled when Marta attained a (permanent) score of 92 EEEE in 2010! We were very saddened to lose her beautiful daughter, SGCH Merry in 2011. Her two lovely daughters Maritsa, FS 89 and Anya Ec (Ec Ec Ec), both from Petey, were sold this spring to a West Virginia herd. Marta has sons working in Iowa, Alberta, and Quebec.

Cou Blanc