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Roeburn’s KVZ Sari


Sari, age 2

DOB: 3/05/2018

ADGA Genetics Listing

S: Kickapoo-Valley Careles Zydeco

D: Roeburn’s BB Sonja 10 *M  FS 91 (V E V E)

1-11 305 1897 3.7% ext. 314 1920

We love Sari’s length and depth of body as well as her overall scale and strength.  Upstanding and stylish,  she is very similar in type and general appearance to her dam, Sonja. Like her half sister, Layla, she has a beautifully attached mammary, high and arched in the rear and smoothly blended in the fore.   

Bred to Cato

Due: March 16, 2021

Kids: $500